Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hello Blogging World!

Hi Everyone-

I'm new to this whole blogging world, but I've read so many great blogs about Walt Disney World that I thought I'd give this whole thing a try.  Disney World has been the vacation destination spot for me since I was very young.  I was too young to even remember my first trip there (my mother tells stories of my father carrying two exhausted toddlers out of Disney World during the crush after the fireworks while she hung on to his belt loops so they wouldn't get separated!) But I remember the feeling of being there, the excitement, and the magic and how you couldn't help but be exhausted and happy at the end of each day.

It had been several years since I had been back to my favorite vacation spot (my last trip was when I was 16 years old) and I often thought about it fondly, but was too busy with college and other "grown up" things to really think about going back.  But that all changed last January, when my boyfriend and I happily flew away from frozen New Hampshire and towards Orlando.  It was unseasonably cold in Florida, 50 degrees the first night we were there, but to us it was a paradise.  We packed as much as we could in over the four days we had (this was his first trip in 19 years!)  And the minute we came home I started planning for our next trip back.  That's where the blogs come in.  I've combed through so many great blogs with all kinds of tips from what to pack to where the best mickey waffles are and I started taking notes, doodling plans, and making lists of restaurants.  I finally thought, why not document those notes and ideas and doodles here, share my excitement with others, and maybe even help someone else.

Thanks for tuning in so far.  More to come soon!