Monday, October 28, 2013

Annnnd...We're back

Hi Everyone-

We have returned from our 6 day jaunt to the happiest place on earth.  This was a trip filled with lots of firsts for us.

First time getting celebration buttons.  The "just engaged" buttons were adorable and got a lot of attention
First time at the Pop Century Resort (a LOT more about that later)
First time going to Micky's Not So Scary Halloween Party
First time seeing Fantasmic
First time going to the Food and Wine festival
First time at lots of new restaurants (I'll have some vegetarian food reviews for you soon!)

And also: we were testing Fastpass+, mydisneyexperience (not the app, it's not supported on any of my zillion devices, despite them insisting they could "help me with it") and we also had everything linked to our magicbands.  We also went all out and bought the Photopass+  for this trip (I'll have some really important tips about that for everyone that might be helpful too).

This trip also marked a not so wonderful first.  This was the first trip (of many I've taken) in which I was significantly less than satisfied with the patron service and the way (some) Disney CMs handled issues that arose (or, in some cases, created issues for us). So, this was the first trip to Disney World in which I felt upset enough to ask to speak to Guest Services.  I'll have a little write-up about our experience with that as well.

C-ya real soon!

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